OH. EM. GEE! How I *love* the Wiksten tank top! It is a pretty simple pattern and a flattering shape for just about anyone! I whipped this one up over the course of a few hours during Snowpocolypse 2014.

If you aren’t comfortable sewing this on your own (and happen to live in the Portland area), you can make this in a classroom environment over at Modern Domestic. Heck you should just get over there anyway as they have an awesome selection of fabric and accessories. I heart them! 

P.S. If you are new to matching plaids, here is a great tutorial from Jen over at Grainline Studio. 

Another fun and simple project, especially for those new to sewing (lots of straight lines!), a hooded baby towel and washcloth set! This project was inspired by yet another Purl Bee tutorial by Molly. I heart them! 

Geeking Out


I was inspired by ThinkGeek on the onesies and t-shirt for this project. Well, let’s face it, I copied them. But hey, I hand dyed the onesies and made all my own stencils - that has to count for something right? ;-) Speaking of copying, er, highly leveraging… I also had a blast making the felt “paper” airplane mobile that I first saw here on Prudent Baby. I’ve had this idea on my to-do list for a long time and was stoked to finally have the perfect opportunity to make it. 

All of these projects were really easy to make and easy to pick up and put down (unlike canning!). I’d also put it out there that hand dyeing onesies is WAY easier than you think it is and makes gifts that much more personalized. Typically I use powdered RIT dye and the stove top method. My advice: let it simmer as long as you can stand it. The longer you simmer it, the more consistent the color comes out. Sometimes, if you rush it, fabric can have a marbled look (darker/lighter spots). 

As for stenciling on to fabric, I’m still a huge believer in the freezer paper method. It is pretty easy, just take your time and don’t drink a bunch of coffee before cutting them out with x-acto knife. For so many reasons! ;-) Here is a great freezer paper tutorial from one of my favorites, Dana Made It.

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Nessy’s out of the bag! Had so much fun making this lil guy! Big thanks to Hannah over at We Lived Happily Ever After for sharing her great Nessy tutorial and to Molly over at Purl Bee for the super cute felt baby shoes tutorial!

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I found this adorable narwhal stuffed animal pattern on Etsy and couldn’t resist. While most reviews said it was “easy” I beg to differ. Not hard, but not easy either. Sewing the tail on and the belly are by far the trickiest pieces; if you have the patience, I’d recommend hand-sewing. Speaking of, I found myself doing a lot more hand-sewing on this project than expected (especially for the two smaller narwhals). The fabric you select is also important. Using polar fleece (in my case, for the first time ever!) on a project like this probably wasn’t the wisest idea. ;-)

All of that said, these cute little guys were a hit at the baby shower and totally worth the effort! 



Oh yeah! This happened. Happy birthday to me! 

P.S. BIG thanks to Jason over at Oddball Studios in Portland, OR. for pulling this out of my brain and making it a reality. 

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